AP YSR Jala Kala Scheme 2021 [Check Status]: Online Registration, Objectives, Eligibility & Benefits

Andhra Pradesh YSR Jala Kala Scheme 2021 was launched by the government of Andhra Pradesh on 28 September 2020. In this program, the government of Andhra Pradesh will be mined for free at no cost to farmers. In this article, we will tell you about the Andhra Pradesh YSR Jala Kala Scheme online process, how to complete the application/registration form at isrjalakala.ap.gov.in,  highlights, eligibility, benefits, features, required documents and all the other details of the Andhra Pradesh YSR Jala Kala Scheme 2021.


Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy will launch the Jagananna Jalakala Scheme online program through a video conference from his camp office. The state govt. of Andhra Pradesh set Rs. 2,340 thousand to use the YSR Jalakalha Scheme.

As India is an agricultural country, farmers rely heavily on groundwater for irrigation. With population growth, small land grabbing and urbanization, deep wells have been dug to extract groundwater. However, farmers cannot use the benefits of borewell as the installation costs are high. Therefore, the government govt. Andhra Pradesh has now decided to provide free drilling resources to farmers under the Andhra Pradesh YSR Jala Kala Scheme. A farmer or group of farmers who own 2,5 hectares of land can apply for Andhra Pradesh YSR Jala Kala by applying online or through the village secretaries.

Notable features of the Andhra Pradesh YSR Jala Kala Scheme

Highlights of the Andhra Pradesh YSR Jala Kala Scheme 2021 scheme: –

  • Under the Andhra Pradesh YSR Jala Kala program in Navaratnalu, the government has decided to drill free springs for needy and qualified farmers in all thirteen (13) State districts with the aim of irrigating an entire hectare of arable land.
  • Drilling points will be scientifically identified by conducting groundwater research prior to mechanization.
  • Any farmer who does not have existing rot and has a combined 2.5-hectare land is eligible. If the farmer does not have a 2.5-hectare joint property, a group can be formed and can apply for free baptisms.
  • Most important will be given to small and medium-scale farmers and SC / ST / Women farmers.
  • Farmers can apply for a free borewell application online or offline through a local clerk and the VRO will verify and forward the application to the relevant APD / MPDO.
  • The contractor assigned to excavate will conduct groundwater research by involving a qualified geologist and submit a performance report to the relevant APD / MPDO to determine the measurement.
  • The PD will take administrative approval from the District Collector / JC, Aasara and assign the job to the mining contractor.
  • Details regarding the penalty for bottles will be communicated to applicants in each category via SMS.
  • A digital photo with a geo-tag will be taken by the relevant authorities and the beneficiary where there is a football contractor after completing the borewell ball.
  • The depth of excavation and the depth of the case will be measured with approved IoT devices that minimize human intervention.
  • Football contractors will be paid according to the previously defined district achievement standards.
  • If the decay site fails, a second bar will be broken if possible.
  • The construction of the borewell/water refilling structure will be taken from the successfully constructed site.
  • A Social Audit will be conducted for all boredom resources under this scheme.
  • A program management unit (PMU) will be set up at headquarters to monitor the effectiveness of the program.
  • The roles and responsibilities of the various staff members in the implementation of the program are explained and included in the GO.
  • The District Collectors will guide and direct all stakeholders in the successful implementation of the program.


How to complete registration for Andhra Pradesh YSR Jala Kala Scheme?

Below is the complete process for completing the application form/registration form for the Andhra Pradesh YSR Jala Kala Scheme: –

Step 1: First visit the official website at http://ysrjalakala.ap.gov.in/YSRRB/LaunchPage.aspx

Step 2: On the launch page of the Andhra Pradesh YSR Jala Kala Scheme, click on the “Get Started” tab to open the YSR Jalakala homepage or directly click this link

Step 3: On the Andhra Pradesh YSR Jala Kala Scheme homepage, click on the “Apply for Borewell” link in the main menu as shown here: –

Step 4: When you click the link, a new window asking for Aadhaar number, OTP and navigation button will open as shown below: –

Step 5: After entering the Aadhaar number, confirm the OTP.

Step 6:  Click on the “Submit” button to open the online application form for the Andhra Pradesh YSR Jalakala Scheme.

Once successfully approved by the relevant government authorities, the applicant will be able to avail the free of cost borewell.


Revised guidelines for Andhra Pradesh YSR  Jala Kala Scheme

Only one family of farmers is allowed to apply for a free resource scheme under the Andhra Pradesh YSR Jala Kala program. Some applications have been received at three or 4 nearby venues on behalf of different members of the same family. However, Walta law stipulates that there must be a distance of at least 200 meters between the bear and the other. To address this issue, officials from the Department of Rural Development have submitted a report to the government proposing amendments to the appropriateness rules for the program.

Similarly, the government has made changes and additions to the eligibility rules. The State of Andhra Prades has issued instructions on this. According to the amended provision, if a family member is offered free access to the scheme, another family member will be excluded from applying for the scheme. 


Here are the revised guidelines for Andhra Pradesh YSR Jalakala Scheme 2021: –

  • Government employees, retired employees are not eligible for this program.
  • Farmers applying for free borewell under the YSR Jala Kala Scheme must have at least two and a half hectares of land. Alternatively, you can apply as a team with the surrounding farmers.
  • To drill another bore there, another hydrogeological study must be performed.
  • The second pond will have to be dug under the watchful eye of the MPDO, DWAMA APD.
  • A new law has been introduced during which the standard control department must inspect a minimum of 10% of the free football facilities found out under the Andhra Pradesh YSR Jalakala program.


Benefits of the Andhra Pradesh YSR Jalakala Scheme 2021

Here are some of the major benefits of the Andhra Pradesh YSR Jalakala Scheme 2021: 

  • 2 lakh wells will be dug free of charge for farmers.
  • The AP Free Borewell scheme will provide irrigation water for 5 lakh hectares.
  • About 3 lakh farmers will benefit.


Implementation of Andhra Pradesh YSR Jalakala Scheme 2021

Drilling wells will be drilled wherever groundwater sources are located. Specialists would do field research using hydrogeological and geographical surveys and identify areas where resources should be diverted. Permission to drill drilling resources must be granted after the completion of the process. The Andhra Pradesh YSR Jalakala Scheme will ensure proper water supply and will help increase farmers’ incomes.


Geo-Scheme tagging for Andhra Pradesh YSR Jala Kala Scheme 2021

All borewells mined under the Andhra Pradesh YSR Jala Kala Scheme 2021 program can be marked as geo. Construction of water harvesting will also be undertaken to save the regeneration of groundwater resources. Bottling will be scientifically considered to protect the environment. Scientific measures will ensure that groundwater resources are not depleted.

Jala Kala – Free Borewells aims to utilize groundwater resources to improve the livelihoods of farmers and thus improve the GSDP under the core sector.

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