Sahakar Mitra Scheme

Sahakar Mitra Scheme is a Summer Internship Program (SIP) that has been announced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare. It is likewise called the Scheme on Internship Program. Public Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) is the dependable position to run the plan meaning to profit the two Cooperatives and youthful experts (understudies).

It is an entry-level position program for understudies, youthful experts to acquire business-related learning experience in the NCDC working. These assistants will be offered freedoms to convey inventive answers for the helpful area in this manner making it advantageous for the two understudies and cooperatives.

The program targets giving a chance to proficient alumni to get insight into spaces of working of NCDC and related parts of cooperatives.

Name of the Scheme    Scheme on Internship Program – Sahakar Mitra

Note: It is a paid entry-level position for a very long time

Government Ministry    Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare

The drive oF the National Cooperative Development Corporation

Aim- To give a learning experience to youthful experts about the agreeable area and bring out inventive arrangements; making them independent.

Destinations of Sahakar Mitra Scheme

The accompanying table gives the targets of the Scheme Sahakar Mitra:

Sahakar Mitra – Objectives

– The job, commitment, and effect of NCDC and cooperatives to be educated to the understudies

– Context and viable working of NCDC to be learned by the assistants

– Professional alumni to be arranged towards a helpful plan of action in order to connect with themselves in fire up cooperatives

– To give freedoms to the understudies to take up authority/pioneering jobs in Farmer Producers Organizations (FPOs) which are coordinated under helpful demonstrations

-To help the blossoming cooperatives or those deprived with strategies and activities through guaranteed project advances on changed terms to youthful cooperators on startup mode.

-To assist with advancing Modi’s concept of ‘Vocal for Local’

-Limit advancement in the agreeable area

Who is qualified for the Sahakar Mitra Summer Internship Scheme? 

The accompanying people are able to enroll for Sahakar Mitra Scheme:

A Professional Graduate having at least a Bachelor’s Degree (appropriately suggested by the Head of the Department of the UGC/AICTE/ICAR perceived Universities/Institutions), in the accompanying



Creature Husbandry

Veterinary Sciences



Proficient MBA Graduates (Pursuing/Completed) or Professional Graduates from the accompanying courses

MBA Agri-Business

MBA Cooperative

MBA Finance

MBA International Trade

MBA Forestry

Entomb ICAI

Sahakar Mitra Scheme has been required to help agreeable organizations to get to the new and imaginative thoughts of youthful experts while consequently, the understudies will acquire insight of working in the field and will be furnished with the certainty to act naturally dependent. The plan is required to be a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the cooperatives just as for the youthful experts.

The plan will likewise give a chance to experts from scholarly establishments to foster innovative jobs and initiative through cooperatives as Farmers Producers associations (FPO).

Central Monetary issues of the Sahakar Mitra Scheme

It offers monetary help for the assistants for the four-month time of the entry-level position. An aggregate of Rs. 45000 accommodates the temporary job.

Qualified experts can enroll for the Sahakar Mitra Scheme through the NCDC official site

According to the necessity of NCDC, not in excess of sixty assistants all at once, round the year can be at its Regional Offices, LINAC and Head Office. At a time maximum of two understudies can be in a Regional Office. A limit of two understudies can be suggested from a specific establishment in a year.

A limit of two understudies can be suggested from a specific establishment in a year

An understudy once picked can’t be re-chosen for the Sahakar Mitra Scheme

Qualified individuals can apply just through online enrollment

Monetary Benefits

The assistant will be offered the accompanying monetary advantages over the span of SIP (4 months):-

The combined month-to-month measure of Rs. 10,000/ – for a very long time towards mostly meeting his/her cash-based costs: Rs. 40,000/ –

Costs identified with detailing readiness (lumpsum sum towards information assortment, investigation, and arrangement of the report): Rs. 5,000/ –

Application and Selection Procedure 

Selection measure:

The entry-level position period will not surpass four months for an individual. An individual can’t be taken as an assistant more than once.

The proposal should be possible by the Head of the Department of the UGC/AICTE/ICAR perceived Universities/Institutions as appropriate, to the Regional Director NCDC or Chief Director LINAC or Head of HR Division in HO of NCDC.

Online application just will be gotten. The gateway is

Imminent understudies will be shortlisted by councils, as might be endorsed by MD occasionally, in view of screening of their profile information and suggestions of the supporting organizations.

Arrangement of understudies will be made at HO/LINAC/ROs relying on the inclination of the assistants and the prerequisite of NCDC.

The assistant will be regulated by an official assigned as ‘Coach’ to give direction, direction, extraordinary tasks, and other SIP-related exercises.

On account of assistants at RO, he/she would be required to zero in on a helpful and set up a strategy/project report on the development of the matter of the agreeable society.

The assistant will present a composed report, inside about fourteen days of the fulfillment of his/her temporary position, giving a definite depiction of the work finished. He/she will feature the experience acquired and how he/she intends to utilize it further.

The field-tested strategy/project report/point by point report presented by the assistant will be the property of NCDC and the understudy would have no case on its utilization in any way.

Discoveries of the investigation, exploration and examination by the understudy will not be utilized for distribution by the assistant.

There will be no responsibility, at all, on NCDC because of activity or inaction or discoveries of the marketable strategy/project report/itemized report presented by the assistant or activity taken by him/her during SIP.

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